What Orgasm Type Are You Girl


What Orgasm Type Are You Girl

Women are unique and beautiful creatures who have their own ‘signature’ orgasms. According to Adina Rivers there are many types of women during orgasms. On her latest video installment -Types of Women During Orgasms- she describes six different types of women based on the way they respond to orgasm.

Adina Rivers says:

“Every girl orgasms in a completely different way, and of course, yeah, some women don’t orgasm at all and that’s fine too,” says Rivers. “Just know that the way you experience orgasm and the way you express it, can be a pretty magic and accurate reflection of where you stand in terms of self-love, inner healing, happiness and inner peace.”

The six different types of women orgasms are: The Screamer, The Ripper, The Vibrator, The Faker, The Potty Mouth and The Spiritual.

It’s way more fun to watch Adina re-enact each of the six types of women orgasms. Have fun viewing the video below:

There are probably more types of women orgasms that can be added to this list because each woman and her orgasms are different and unique.

Are there any other types of women orgasms you could add to the list?

photo credit :Adina Rivers | MyTinySecrets


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