Why do people or couples swing?


Why do people or couples swing?

There are many reasons to swing as there are couples swinging, but for the most all swinging couples swing because it something that will add to their relationship. It can be excitement, intimacy and adventure, what is for sure is that for many couples this is a lifestyle that suits them and makes them happy together.

They venture into a world of novelty, of friendship, of sexual fantasy and of adventure TOGETHER. These are couples that feel secure in their relationship and want to take the next step to add excitement into their relationship

Swinging is helping your significant other live-out their fantasies while fulfilling your own. We get as excited about our SO having a great time as we do about ourselves having a great time

There have many couples who tried and didn’t succeed, and that is fine, as swinging is not for everyone.

Many couples are discovering that they have a shared appetite for sexual adventure, and that getting it on with another couple may be the golden ticket – not just to thrills, but also to staying together and surviving another day in the life of a relationship.

Exhibitionism, voyeurism, watching a partner have sex with someone else are only fantasies that swingers like to explore and these usually require more that just two people.

The crucial element in swinging is that both parties are honest and communicate their fears, desires and respect each others boundaries.


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