This is why sex is better on holidays


This is why sex is better on holidays

Sex is better on holidays and it’s not just in your imagination, there are various reasons why sex is better on holidays .

There are some obvious reasons why  sex is better on holidays. Holidays tend boosts your mood due to a lack of responsibilities, and as a whole, just less stress. You are far from the pressures of your life and your mind lets go of those draining worries that is daily life.

Science also has found out the top reasons why women in particular take more sex risks while on holiday and why holiday sex rocks. People on holidays are more prone to try out new things and to spend time indulging on their pleasures.

However, beyond the obvious, a holiday gives a couple or people a chance to explore and to engage in new activities TOGETHER. This will increase sexual desire and sexual activity which will lead to sexual satisfaction.

A staycation can also achieve the same results, the trick is to try new things in your locality. This novelty will increase your excitement, desire, and closeness as you experience new adventures together. It could be simply fondling in public, or getting naughty in a deserted beach, the novelty and the excitement will renew that initial spark in your relationship.

Sex doesn’t have to be great only when you’re on holidays, it can be just as great if you stay home but explore new things together.

Being together and trying new things and experiences is the secret to great sex.

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