4 Reasons Why Masturbation Is The Best.


4 Reasons Why Masturbation Is The Best.

Did you masturbate today?


That’s no way to start your day, get your hands down your pants and go to town!

Some of you call it “The Fappening” others “The Great Leak”, but no matter what you call it, here are 4 great reasons why masturbation is the best, and everyone agrees masturbating is good. Self-loving is natural and one of life’s greatest pleasure, so why deny it?

1.Great Bedtime Story

Masturbation is like a bedtime story for grown up if you are tired it helps you sleep better. It’s calming and comforting and makes you feel better.

2. Learn your pleasure responses

There is no better way to learn about what turns you on and how you get turned on than to discover your own body through masturbation. What feels good for you? What brings you to orgasm? You’ll also be able to let other people know what to do to pleasure you. Masturbation is the actual hands-on version of the owner’s manual for your body

3. Best Stress Relief

Admit it, wouldn’t you rather relax and put your hands down your pants? Than punch a bag, or go to yoga class and come home sore from your workout? After you finish with your solo session you’ll feel good, relaxed and calm. The pleasurable orgasm has released all those wonderful chemicals inside your brain and now you feel physically and mentally great.

4. It’s Fun and pressure free

It’s all about you, no expectations and no judgement. Life’s too serious so just have fun at your own time, at your own pace and just do it the way you like it. 

Lube up! Gather your necessities, whether toys or porn, and make yourself a comfy space where you’re not likely to be interrupted. Then indulge.



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