10 Weirdest Sexual Fetishes


10 Weirdest Sexual Fetishes

The title says it all – 10 weirdest sexual fetishes. Alltime10s compiled this list of the top ten weirdest fetishes with the intent not to mock, but to simply inform. This video contains some of the most shocking and strange fetishes in the world. From amputee lovers, life-size teddy bears, cake-sitters to tentacle fetishes.

Some of these fetishes are outright shocking and dangerous, and we’re hoping these remain in the realm of fantasy.  For instance, did you know that some people get turned on by the idea of losing limbs?

Words such a; strange, weird, absurd and borderline psychiatric material might come to mind. However, the world of sex and sexuality is strangely different and unique. Each and every individual has different response to sensations therefore making sexuality a very difficult subject to understand at times. We’re hoping that certain sexual fetishes remain only in the realm of fantasy and never become a reality.

To some people these sexual fetishes are a real turn-on. If it makes them happy and it’s not hurting anyone or themselves, then by all means, indulge. There are many more sexual fetishes that are strange to some and a complete turn-on for others. Want to learn more on fetishes such as  sneezing fetishism? Or read about  Sex is fun and sometimes a little strange.

Watch as Alltime10s counts down strange turn-ons and titillations in the world’s weirdest sexual fetishes.


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