5 Tips On How To Organize Your Own Party.


5 Tips On How To Organize Your Own Party.

Once you’ve been frequenting lifestyle parties for a while you fancy yourself an expert. Why then not throw a party of your own, admit it you have been flirting with the idea for a while. Truth is you never know till you try it. You might end up throwing the best party of the decade.

Hosting an adult party is not for everyone, but for some there is nothing they would love better. You need to have the time, the desire, the vision and also an ideal place for such a party.

If you are nodding your head as you read this, to inspire you here are five tips when organising your party.

1. Think of a theme.

People love to dress up and for most swinger couples, going to a party is an excuse to dress up and look their best. Half your work is done already. Now give them something to look forward to. Your theme could be ‘nurses and doctors’ or ‘back to school’, or as subtle and sexy-elegant as ‘Black’ party, where you guests wear only black or maybe a ‘lingerie’ theme. You can get as creative as you like.

2. Create an atmosphere

Think of details, lighting has an important role in any party. Too much light is a mood buster, too little and you create dread. Start with a moderate amount of light as people engage in chitchat as they are getting to know each other. Slowly dim the lights down, at a later stage when things start to get sexy and sex is in everybody’s mind let the fairy lights or other ambient lighting options be the main lighting. These types of lighting are conducive to flirting, fun and frolicking.

3. Think of details.

Make your vision come true. Think about what you like to be in your ‘playroom’, the type of fabric, the music, the temperature, the smell, etc.

Every detail counts, think about how you felt when you were at a party, naked, did you wish something was there that would’ve helped you get or stay in the mood? It could have been something as small as the feeling of a soft fabric against your naked body.

Maybe you wish there was air deodorant to keep the room smelling beautiful at all times. Possibly, lots of nice soft throws, cushions. Maybe the bathroom hadn’t been stocked up properly or sufficiently; soap, toilet paper and even a few toothbrushes.

Maybe you wish someone had prompted you on packing a few items, such as your towel, a bathrobe and a change of clothing. Maybe at a certain time of the night you had the munchies and there was nothing to nibble on, could have been strawberries, grapes, cream, chocolate, small finger food. After getting busy everybody will want something to replenish their energy.

4. Select your guest with care

A party will be successful if the people in it are compatible, making it more likely guests will have no trouble choosing who to play with. Consider details like age, body type, and sexual preferences.

Some couples are the life of the party and intuitively start things in the right direction, if you know any they are indispensable. Otherwise think icebreakers to move your party from clothed to naked and spas are a great idea.

5. Have an overview of the night

Be attentive to your party’s pulse. You need to change the lights and the type of music at the right times of the night. Finger food have them out once you sense people are coming out for a breather from their playrooms.

Each and every part of the party has a pulse and energy that you want to help transition smoothly; timing is the essence of the party.

You could also enlist friends to help you out when you are hosting a party.


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