10 Things you should know before you go to a sex party


10 Things you should know before you go to a sex party

Gone are the days when sex parties were shield by mystery. They are now mainstream so much so that they have become topic of social discussion and do not carry the stigma they once did. In spite of this newfound openness, it might be wise to do some research before you take the plunge and head to your first sex party. From choosing your kind of party to learning the protocol, here are 11 things you should know before you go to a sex party.

1. Do some research

Lucky you’re living through the ‘golden age’ of sex parties where there’s so much to choose from. These parties vary in size, theme, and degrees of sexual activity. Deciding on what suits you will take some research on your part. What are you looking for, what are your boundaries and what type of people are willing to meet? There are small & intimate house parties, large swinger clubs parties and large organised sex parties.

2. Learn the rules

All parties will have rules that important for its success and the well being and enjoyment of the guests. Most parties will have those rules online and we suggest you do go over them. Sometimes it’s word of mouth or the organisers will explain you their rules once you’re at the venue.

3. Safety is always #1

Always use protection and insist on it. Sex is meant to be fun not in the short but for the long haul. Being safe will ensure you can look forward to many more sex parties.

4. Get some nice lingerie

One thing that you’ll notice straight away is that at sex parties you’ll sex exquisite lingerie. You have been forewarned, invest in good lingerie before you go to a sex or swingers party and more important be prepared to lose it. Shame but it happens often, so don’t let it ruin your night and by the time you noticed you have had a great night.

5. Party- people are quite nice

Even if at the end of the night, all you did was observe, you’ll be pleased with the calibre of people you ‘ve met. Party people are normal folk who are really nice and dare to live free from certain social constraints without causing a stir.

6. Be open-minded

In short, there will be things you are not into, but don’t turn your face in disgust at the presence of those things you find ‘gross’ or ‘weird’. It’s friends.off-putting to others and it’s a sure way of not making. Go to sex parties with an open mind and expect to see things that are not your thing and politely decline or move to another part of the room or leave the party.

7. Watch for the first time

It’ll find that in large parties there’ll be a lot of voyeurs and if you end up doing that only for the first time, it’s fine. Take it as an opportunity to learn and to adjust your senses to the over-load you are experiencing.Voyeurism is less tolerated at smaller parties, maybe at the beginning but then you are expected to leave the room or participate if you are comfortable. You should never feel pressured to do anything you are not comfortable with, you can always leave and or politely decline the offer.

8. Learn that it’s not free for all, far from it

You might be the type who is ready to dive into the fun straight away, but remember that consent is a very important aspect of sex parties. It’s not free for all, you must seek approval and consent from the people you wish to engage with. Remember a polite ‘no’, it’s definitely a no.

9. It’s not as daunting as you imagined

Sex parties are fun and once clothes are off and people get busy and everybody having an awesome time.

10. You can and will make great friends

It’s easy to make really good friends at sex parties because you meet open-minded, non-judgemental and positive and people up for fun. What’s there not to like about people like these?


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