6 Reasons Why Butts Are So Darn Fascinating


6 Reasons Why Butts Are So Darn Fascinating.

Yes, you guesses it, I have a thing for butts.

My slight obsession with curvaceous bottoms doesn’t however, diminish my fascination for boobs. If I had to choose I must go with the butt, watch this GIF below  it might help illustrate my fascination for the lovely female derriere. I could look at it for hours.


All over the Internet there are twerking videos of hypnotic butts  such as the above and not to mention celebrities like J.Low and Mink Minaj striding their lovely butts. They single handily brought back the booty to fashion. Women with all over the world pride themselves of their curvaceous bottoms.

We all have bums, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Bigger, smaller, fatter, thinner – they are all great! How much do you know about bums? Let’s test you knowledge.

  1. Did you know that your butt is is part of your body’s most powerful muscle group? These muscles are responsible for all your locomotion – standing still, standing up, sitting down, walking, climbing, crouching – everything.
  2. The bone at the top of your bum used to be a tail. Better known as the coccyx is the remainder of a tail. Evolution got ride of this tail completely  but there have been cases of babies being born with a tail.
  3. Women have larger butts than men because estrogen.The size of a butt is depends on genetics, muscles, and hormones. Women’s butts are usually larger because estrogen causes fat to accumulate here.
  4. Having a bigger butt is actually healthy.Scientists say, people with more belly fat tend to die earlier than those with less belly fat. Having extra junk in your trunk only means you might live longer.
  5. Pygophilia‘ is the scientific name for sexual arousal caused by the human buttocks. It means sexual arousal from seeing or touching the buttocks of another person.
  6. Women love receiving compliments on their butt.

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