Learn About Sex With These Fun Infographics


Learn About Sex With These Fun Infographics

Sex is topic that never gets old, we love hearing about it, talk about it, read about it and put it to good use. What better way to tackle what sometimes can be a bit embarrassing to talk about and quite an extensive area of knowledge with a few fun infographics.

1. Why Sex Is Good For Your Health

This infographic by EVOKE is loaded with information on why sex is good for your health.

Why sex is good for your health

Via: Why Sex Is Good For Your Health

2. The Truth About Orgasms

Orgasms feel good and are great for health and over all mood. Next time you feel like a bit of solo play think how good it is for you and dive right in.

The truth about orgasms

Via  The Truth About Female Orgasms

3.  Guide To Safer Sex
The Ultimate Guide to Safer Sex

via Greatist

4.  Why We Need Sex Ed

Reproductive Health Education
Via Inforgraphic: Why We Need Sex

5. 20 Types Of Kisses

Via Graphics, Infographics

6. Your Brain On Sex

Your Brain On-Sex

Your Brain On-Sex

Via Your Brain On Sex (Infographic)

7. 12 myths about sex

12 myths about sex

Via The Greek Infographics

 8. Sex Injuries

Sex Injuries

Via A Detailed Look At Sex



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