6 Tips On How To Have Casual Sex Or FWB


6 Tips On How To Have Casual Sex Or FWB

Not everyone is out there trying to get hitched or tie the knot. Are you someone who doesn’t subscribe to the traditional dating or long-term relationship? Nonetheless enjoys a good lay, you’re not alone. There are plenty of people, for different reasons, who want the same – casual sex or a FWB.

Culturally sex is equated with love and romance to culminate in marriage; and if all you want is a good time you need to make your intentions clear. Following are 6 tips on how to have casual sex or FWB and not making things personal.

State what you want

Before you let yourself get carried away in throws of passion make it absolutely clear you are not after a relationship or love, you want sex. Sex with no-strings attached.

Never suggest your casual encounter could become something more

Even if you are open to something more, if you were to hit off, don’t start your encounter with that unfounded hope. It could lead to unwanted interpretations, and to hurt feelings. If it does happen you did hit it off, it’s easier to adjust your plans than try to mend things.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

In the heat of the moment you might feel tempted to make promises you very well know you can’t keep to get what you want. Don’t be a douchebag! You can leave people feeling hurt and cheated and they will not forget a wrong like this one. Fingers crossed you’ll never cross paths but Karma is a bitch!

Refrain from divulging personal details

The less you impart about each other the better. The less you know about each other the more you can connect with each other on just a sexual level. Make your encounter all about sex as it should be.

Small talk please

Keep your conversation to small talk; it doesn’t make you a bad person for trying to keep things at a less emotional level. Your FWB or casual encounters have no need to know about your intimate thought and private details.

Women’s top fantasy – sex with a stranger

Having sex with a stranger is a fantasy many women have. If you play your cards well you can be that ‘stranger’ and remain that stranger as long as you can manage it. Remember the less she knows about you the better the night is going to be.


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