7 Common Sex Myths Debunked


7 Common Sex Myths Debunked

Whether we are getting it regularly or not, sex is a subject that a perplexing number of us just aren’t clued-up on, as we’d like to believe.

We all heard common remarks about sex such as:

“size matters, tantric sex means everlasting orgasms, and women are naturally more bisexual than men.”

These are all subtle messages that so many of us get muddled.Inevitably, leading to wrong assumptions . Sex has been around since mankind came to be, but we are just starting to understand it.

With this in mind let’s debunk 7 of the most common sex myths and set matters straight.

1. Penis Size Matters

Men seem to care a lot about the size of their penis, but do women care as much? How much does size or shape affect performance in the bedroom? Some argue that larger penises can create strong orgasms; others posit that men with smaller members make up the difference with added effort.

Truthfully, size or shape matters depending on the person and the circumstance of the encounter. If it is only a one night stand where the woman in question has an erotic desire for a large penis, then size matters very much. However, most times size and shape of the man’s penis don’t matter as much as the psychological connection between the pair for sexual satisfaction. Several researches in the past have found that sexual satisfaction, not just size or shape of a person’s penis, influence sexual satisfaction. In short, honest communication and more important still, sheer enthusiasm for whatever raunchiness you’re getting up to is the key to great sex.

Bottom line, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to genitalia. What matters is rapport, depth of intimacy, lovemaking skills and positions are often more important for partner satisfaction than size or shape. Also any partner worth your time won’t reject you only based on the size of shape of your penis, if they were to desire something different from time to time they could use toys or just invite someone who has the right tool.

2. Men and women reach their sexual peak at the same time

When do men and women reach their sexual peak? Some believe that men get there early in their teens or early twenties while women experience theirs a little later.

Truth is, there is no real way to know for sure when anyone has reached their peak exactly. To some reaching their peak might mean the time they are orgasming the most, or hold an erection for longer or have the most sexual partners, or possibly even when they enjoy sex most. By definition this is too complex to define in an concrete manner, as it means something different to everyone.

Bottom line don’t worry about it, so long as you are comfortable with who you are, understand your own body, remain open to new experiences and enjoy a satisfying sex life, what matters is you’re having a good time.

3. Most women can achieve orgasm from vaginal sex alone

Unfortunately, most women don’t orgasm from vaginal sex alone even though it’s possible anatomically speaking. Women can achieve vaginal orgasm with clitoris stimulation, the clitoris has inside and outside parts and intercourse should ideal stimulate both to help women achieve orgasm. Women can orgasm  when they have vaginal sex, clitoral, breast or oral sex. We need to understand and accept that orgasms are less common in women than men.

4. Men can’t have multiple orgasms

Men are notorious to shut down and going to sleep post-ejaculation, so the idea of men achieving multiple orgasms sounds impossible logically. Believe it or not, it does happen. So men can do it, but they need to work pretty hard to achieve it. It’s a learned skill involving Taoist or Tantric techniques, which include controlling breathing and learning to distinguish between ejaculation and orgasm.

However, there are men who can ejaculate repeatedly but these men are few and why they can do this is not understood yet.

5.  Women are naturally bisexual

Sexual orientation is natural and no more for one gender than others, however it is more socially acceptable and therefore easier for women to express their bisexual tendencies than for men.

Why is this myth so widely believed? It has to do with cultural acceptance of female bisexuality as entertaining and male bisexuality as unacceptable. Men’s bisexuality is still a threat and not as accepted as female bisexuality that is highlighted as erotic. It does not however, change that there is both bisexual men and women in the world.

6. Men want casual sex and women commitment

Generalisations about human sexuality have led us to misconceptions and a ton of myths. Again we stumble upon another fallacy, most human beings enjoy sex and for the majority we enjoy sex most when we are in a relationship but of course some prefer casual sex.

There is so much more to learn, as only recently have we started to study sex and human sexuality. We need to keep an open mind to keep learning. The study of human sexuality still has a long way to go.

7. The Food of Love

Aphrodisiacs foods that are said to stimulate desire have a place in the sexual folklore of just about every culture out there. There are chocolate, oysters and others range from exotic to downright peculiar, such as the Spanish fly beetle acidic secretions or powdered rhino horn.

The actual physical effect of chewing down on these so-called foods of love is non-existent to sometimes downright dangerous.

For example, the tingling sensation reported by dinners sampling a puffer fish (the fugu fish) is the direct result of a toxic called tetrodotoxin. A poison that chefs in Japan spend years learning how to remove, this poison is deadly and can shut down your central nervous system in an instant. Certainly, a thrill seeker choice, that sets your pulse racing but not much else.

Oysters set the mood foe sex as they are sexually suggestive and they are also a great source of zinc, a mineral that controls libido-boosting levels of progesterone.

Aphrodisiacs are simply a trick of the mind. But it’s no reason to eat chocolate, oysters or bananas, just maybe lay off the fugu fish and powdered rhino horn.

Whether seduced by the hype surrounding certain myths, many of us mix the facts with fiction of sex. Stay safe and clued in when it comes to enjoying sex one of the best pleasures in the world. If ever in doubt about anything, just Google the answer or simply ask a professional.


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