Asking for consent without ruining the mood


Asking for consent without ruining the mood

How can you ask for enthusiastic consent without ruining the mood of what was going to be a night of fun? It’s a tricky one, but one that can be navigated quite easily once you know how to go about it.

Before we show you how asking for consent will not dampen the mood, for those who haven’t heard of the term enthusiastic consent here’s a definition:

Enthusiastic consent basically means that you don’t have sex or engage in any particular sexual activity with someone unless that person has given you an enthusiastic, unambiguous, verbally expressed “yes.” Furthermore, get a yes to each new level of sexual activity. Moving from kissing to groping there’s a need to ask before just moving on. It sounds like a mood killer and not much spontaneity, and perhaps you’re right.

No one like the idea of interrupted passion with questions like; ” Is my hand ok in your leg like that?” or ” Is it ok if I were to kiss you?”

But consent is a big thing and there is a sexy way men and women can ask for consent or check that you’re still on the same page as things heat up.

1. Bluntly ask beforehand

Asking for consent without ruining the mood

Get the ‘yes’ and talk it out before you struggle with the bedsheets. You definitely don’t have to do it in a clinical manner. You do it in a flirty way over drinks. This is only the tip of the iceberg, because, if you hear them say they’re into anal, it doesn’t mean they are up for it that same night. You continue to ensure that you have consent when you’re on the other level of sexual activity. Which would be at your place or a hotel room where you are getting things started. Which leads to our next point…..

2. Turn the consent dialogue into foreplay

Asking for consent without ruining the mood

Now that you got the green light and you both want to get naked, turn consent into foreplay. Use your soft, sexy whispers of heated passion into key questions like ” Can I take your top off, babe?” or ” Can I kiss you here or there?” In this manner, it’ sexy and it’s not stopping the flow.

 3. Talk Dirty

Asking for consent without ruining the mood

Let all your inhibitions go and use those sweet dirty words do the work for you and gauge their reaction with their answers.You can ask “Do you like it if I went down on you right now?” Dirty talking is sexy and is a super hot and sexy way to get consent and turn your love encounter super sexy affair.

Throughout your lustful lovemaking ensure that you watch for body language. Although enthusiastic consent is verbal, it’s still important to watch each other’s body language. If you feel that something is not 100% pays to stop and ask. Afterall, you want this experience to be great for all.


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