Australians Reveal What Is Important On First Dates.


Australians Reveal What Is Important On First Dates.

Ever wondered what the rules are for a first date? Do you consider yourself an authority in the subject?  A giant  on all matters of love, sex and dating, RedHotPie recently have polled the nation to figure out exactly where everyone is at with first dates.

We are living through the new sexual revolution. We are more open to sex if the chemistry is right. We have more one-night stands than ever before.  We are the hookup culture.  Has the game play changed?  What are then the guidelines for dating today? What are the deal breakers, the qualities of attraction and who pays for the first date?

To ease your nerves on your next first date here is what everyone is thinking and doing. Australians reveal what is important on first dates. Men and women consider sense of humour as the most desirable trait on their date. Most people prefer an evening date on their first date but not straight after work. The biggest deal breaker is bad body odour, so before your next date hit the shower ladies and gentlemen.

Find out who is expected to pay, what are the greatest deal breakers and much more on the infographic bellow:



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