Beginners Guide To Orgies


Beginners Guide To Orgies


You have heard of orgies or gangbangs in porn, right? Believe it or not,  they also do exist out there. The world of group sex and orgies might be happening in your neighbourhood, and they are cooler, sexier and classier than you could imagine.

Sharing sexual encounters is beautiful; it’s a willingness to open intimacy for more than just two people. Here are a few ingredients that will ensure you will enjoy your first orgy and come back for more:

      1. Open up your relationship, only if you both want it.

First, it is very important that as a couple you both want to explore and you are equally as interested and into group sex. It can destroy the relationship if one is unsure or pressured to go ahead. You need to discuss it openly and desire to explore being with multiple people.

       2. Your relationship must be stable.

You need to be at a point in your relationship where you can communicate well. It’s fine for your relationship to lack excitement and sexual fire but it’s not alright if you lack trust in your relationship, you don’t love each other and you can not talk about your emotions. You need to be in a great space to be doing sexual adventurous things. Only a strong relationship can take that step into sexual exploration.

If you both want group sex, it can be really good for you as a couple if:

  • Gain more confidence and expand your or your partner’s sexual horizons together.
  • Compare your manhood with others and know that not everyone is hung like a porn star.
  • She’ll find out that she’s still beautiful, sexy and attractive and admired by other men.

Having these present in your relationship can be a real road blocker in your sex life. Group sex can be a real confidence booster.



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