Biggest Mistakes Men Make In Bed


Biggest Mistakes Men Make In Bed

We’re certainly living in a new era, where women know what they want and aren’t afraid to express their disappointment when men make mistakes in bed. A Reddit user opened up a thread about common mistakes guys make during sex. Usually, the reason things go wrong in bed, is because of poor communication between the two parties involved.

Below are 6 of the favourite and graphic comments :

  1. “Finding the clit, but then treating it like you’re trying to give me a friction burn. ” – lynnspiracy-theories
    Instead try a gentle tapping or circular motions at first. If she wants it harder, she’ll ask.
  2. “Not making enough noise” – luala
    Making noise lets your partner know what you like.
  3. “Fingering you like they’re trying to get a pick out of the inside of a guitar.” – twoe
  4. “So many guys keep their mouths open way too wide when french kissing, like they’re trying to inhale my entire face.” – loki8481
    Be a sensual kisser!!
  5. “Sticking it in and asking 20 seconds later how many times I’ve came. Like. What?”- BaptisedByFire319
    She’s probably not going to finish from vaginal sex alone, so be sure you’ve got your hands and tongue involved in the equation.
  6. “When we say, ‘Oh god yes, just like that!’ We mean it. We don’t mean double-down, twice as fast, harder, etc. We mean JUST.LIKE.THAT.” – steamstroller

The most important advice to remember is that there are no two women  who want the exact same things in bed. To make any encounter a happy one for both parties involved, communicate what you like and don’t like in bed. Also this is not all one sided, as there is another thread about the common mistakes girls make in bed.



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