Spanking Tips and Tricks


Spanking Tips and Tricks

Spanking is fun and exciting. For it to work first you need to make sure she is into some ass-slapping, or she may run the other way! Do not try spanking before discussing it. Now, if she does like this idea, you can have a lot of fun. Are you new to the concept of slapping her ass or want a few tips to help you along the way?  Read on to learn what you should do.

1.Use role play

Role play can take spanking to a whole new level. There are two ways to this, submissive or dominant role playing. When you’re the one who is in charge, she will act like she doesn’t like it. The submissive role is often played by the woman asking to be spanked. She likes it and she wants you to do it.

2. Let her in on it and agree on a safe word

Set a safe word that she will say when she wants you to end. It can be any word but listen out to it.

3. Warm her bottom

Want to make spanking fun last? Don’t slap her butt too hard this will sting badly and end the fun prematurely.Instead you want to take it slow at the beginning. The goal is to slowly and lightly swat her and do so with a cupped hand to decrease the impact of the slap. This is done so that a slight stinging sensation is felt, which is more of a pleasure trigger. After a few slaps, you can increase your strength gradually. This will allow her cheeks to get used to the spank.

4. Take your time

A continuous spanking will definitely result in pain and unpleasant experience. Take you time, in between 2-3 slaps kiss and caress the area to give her the mix pleasure of intense and soft. Then switch to spanking her bottom again.

Watch the video below for an introduction to spanking.

5. Vary your technique

The position and the manner in which you hold your hand can make a huge difference to the type of slap received.

There are two ways you can hold your hand  – cupped with fingers together and flat hand with relaxed fingers. The video below will demonstrate how it’s done”

Alternating between these two techniques makes it more fun and results in different sensations.

6. Mix it up a bit

Mixing it up makes her go from one sensation to the other which is exciting and fun.

Slap her bottom, then grab her bottom and give it a squeeze, straight after rub it and caress it. This will keep her guessing.

7. Up the ante

After a few successful spanking sessions and both agree why not up the ante? Bring in some tools such as; paddles, whips or floggers. You can also add handcuffs, blind folds to make the game more interesting.

You can also use some of items around the house to add a little kink into the mix. Things like; belts, towels, rulers, spoons or even hair brushes.  Keep in mind to choose items that have no sharp edges as they could cut through the skin and that’s not the aim of the game.

8. Add dirty talk

For a mental stimulus get talking, dirty talking. ‘You’ve been a bad girl, and I’m going to punish you till you ask me to stop and then show me how sorry you are!’


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