Crank The Volume Up Baby – Bedroom Noise.


Crank The Volume Up Baby – Bedroom Noise.

Bedroom noise and whispering sweet loving nothings, are they a real necessity?

Of course not, but as sure as hell they can help, done right and if in the right mood, and at the right moment.

In saying that, remember that the best sex happens from being in the moment and being yourself; so if moaning isn’t your thing then you shouldn’t force yourself.

In fact, one study showed that when women are noisy during sex it could indicate she’s not enjoying herself. In this particular study they had 71 female participants and found their sounds peaked right before male ejaculation.

Here are some interesting statistics on the bedroom noise:

  • 66% of the women reported making sounds just to speed up their partner’s ejaculation due to her discomfort/pain, boredom and fatigue.
  • 80% of the women made noises when they knew they were not going to orgasm.
  • 87% used these love making sounds to boost their partner’s self-esteem and 92% believed that it did.

Sometimes a bit of noise when it’s spontaneous and just happens – is fun and can be a massive turn-on. However, to go outside your comfort zone to please others can feel awkward.

Some noise, even if it’s an audible sigh, can enhance your love making experience, there’s no need to bring the room down with the loud vibrations of your sex-noise, but if that’s what you are into and that is your sexual personal go full blast!

If he wants noise, instead of moaning give him instructions. Saying things like, “love it when you do that to me.”, “harder”, “don’t stop!” will let your partner know what you want and like getting you to achieve orgasm every time. Your partner will never ask you to make more noise in bed when he sees you enjoy sex with him while being yourself.


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