Stop, today is the day you write your bucket list.


Stop, today is the day you write your bucket list.

What is in your bucket list, have you got one, did you lose yours or is it time to update yours?

Bucket lists, whether they are sexual, personal, career or travel list of things you like to achieve are a great way to set goals and decide what you would like to do when and where. Seeing that sex is loads of fun, you should put together a naughty list. You don’t have to try them all but you can dream, right?

Today take some time to jot down your ‘sex wish list’. Heck, make time to write all of your bucket lists.

Creating a list of things you want to do before you turn 30, 40 or 50 or before you die is a great way to give you focus on the things that you like to achieve.

Sex can quickly become mundane if you stop exploring and discovering. To keep things interesting, new and fresh you should try at least once in your life different sexual scenarios.

To get your juices going here’s a few suggestions to get your bucket list started, updated or to add new things to it.

Go to a Sex Club

Whether it’s a swinger’s party or a BDSM club or a live sex show or as trip club, there’s nothing more exciting than being in a room full of erotically charged people. Find an event in your area (check the RedHotPie Events Section) and find one that suits your needs and curiosity. There are all sorts of different nights and parties to suit all tastes and experience levels. Find a beginners night or ones that encourage first-timers if you’re a bit nervous about being thrown in the deep end, and go experience something new!

Have a Threesome

Invite a girl over and enjoy girl on girl play. Your partner might sit out and watch or maybe allowed to participate to a certain level. Being with someone of the same sex doesn’t make you gay. It is a natural to be curious about same gender sex, nothing new and extremely sensual. Or you could have a threesome with a sex toy and share it equally between you both.

Public exhibitionism

Discretion and careful planning is a must. There are ways and means of “getting off in public” that can be so subtly done no one but you and your partner will ever know. Having your partner rub you between your legs sans panties while you sit comfortably in your movie seat, sneaking into the airplane toilets to join the mile-high club, or hiding behind the sand dunes at the beach. You won’t believe the rush you get from the exciting risk of getting spotted and the intimate sharing of a secret that no one else is aware of.

Play a Sex Game

You can buy specialised sex games at heaps of adult shops or you could make up your own version like strip monopoly or do or dare. Play with ropes and blindfolds. Give it a go!

Have a one-night stand

Go out and have a one night stand. Pick up a person in a club or on an online site with the sole purpose of having a one-off experience. No strings. No names. No phone numbers. Just go for it.

This can be very exciting as you watch each other picking someone else up. Go as far as you are comfortable, it could end up being flirting only or oral sex in the club’s toilets.

You can also pretend to be complete strangers and agree to meet somewhere in a club or bar and get an hotel to finish the night.

Go skinny-dipping together or with some friends

 If you are planning to go on holidays make this part of your list. Ditch the bikini and go skinny dipping together, it’s both romantic, naughty and thrilling. Just remember where you left your clothes.

Rough sex

Rough sex is great once in a while and it doesn’t have to the bloke who’s in charge. Take the lead and let him know who’s the boss. Pull his hair, nibble and bite and scratch his back – just don’t get too carried away don’t want to bruise him.

Role play

Whatever yours or your partner’s role play fantasy is, from police woman to nurse to pretending you’ve just met, get dressed up and in the mood and give it a go.  Role play is a great way of mixing up your sex life, especially if you’ve been together for a long time – plus, you get to play our your ultimate fantasies.

Go to a Sex Ed Class

Learn the art of Tantra or take a course in shibari rope tying. There are classes and workshops you can take on how to spank, how to learn how to squirt, the art of strip-tease, pole-dance, burlesque. There are always new things to learn and taking a class run by a professional who knows their stuff is a great way to learn all about them.

There are so many new and exciting experiences out there to experience. Bring back the spark and excitement to your sex life is as simple as making a sex bucket list.

Start ticking things off your sexual bucket list!


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