Does Size Matter?


Does Size Matter?

Women answer the question – Does size matter?  Yes, we’re talking about the size of the penis!

Cut Video invited women from all ages to respond to “Does size matter?” They interviewed many different women in hope to get a better understanding of the  infamous question.

Watch their responses in the video below. There are many variety answers, with giggles, and hesitations. Overall, it’s interesting to note that women find this question hard to answer.

Women offer their answer and they seem to be  just as confused in the matter as men. These women soon realise that there is no one answer, no perfect or universal answer.

There are many variables to consider. The type of encounter, the type of woman, the type of lover and if you are in a loving relationship. Some men can be less endowed but they are devoted and considered lovers and size becomes less of an issue. Other times, women tunnel in the fantasy of ‘Big penis’ and then size matters.

Watch the video below and leave us your own answer:



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