The Interesting and Complex World of Sex and Fetishes


The Interesting and Complex World of Sex and Fetishes

It’s true—sneezing fetishism exists. Where did this fetish come from? How did we discover it? And how can something like a sneeze ever be sexy? All question s we’ll try to answer here.

Most forms of sexual fetishism have been thoroughly recorded predating the Internet except for sneezing fetishism. Nineteenth-century sexologists like Richard von-Krafft-Ebing, Havelock Ellis, and Magnus Hirschfeld collected hundreds of case histories of fetishism in their massive tomes on sexual variation. But sneezing fetishists are nowhere to be found in the archive.

In the late 20th century, fetishists began to publish newsletters about their own interests. There were newsletters for foot fetishism, rubber/leather/latex fetishism, amputee fetishism, and even a newsletter called Razor’s Edge for men with a fetish for women with shaved heads, but still no mention of sneezing fetish

It’s taken the advent of the Internet and social media for us to even realize that sneezing fetishists exist. Sneezing fetishists couldn’t and didn’t find each other until the dawn of the Internet.Today, SFF, which is a popular destination for anyone with this fetish, has a membership of over 3000 members and surprisingly a large number of these are women.

So what’s sexy about sneezing?

There’s an old myth that seven or more sneezes in a row is the equivalent to an orgasm and although it’s nowhere near true, the physiological parallels between sneezing and orgasm are hard to ignore.Sneezing and an orgasm are reflexes that follow similar physiological patterns. Both build up to a certain ‘threshold’ that gives way to a release in the form of a sneeze or orgasm expelling bodily fluids. This parallel was once drawn by Dr. Ruth Westheimer who said: “An orgasm is just a reflex, like a sneeze.”Despite having similar physiological patterns, orgasms and sneezes don’t act the same way in terms of arousal, but the similar pattern of build up, release and relief might be the reason it has become fetish.

Some SFF prefer the build up and the other prefer the release phase. In the build up, or the ‘ahhhhh’ phase, you experience the gasping breath, the heaving chest and the sensation of trying to fight the sneeze back. The release is a state of relief that is nice, the ‘chooo’part of the sneeze.

There are several kind of sneezes to be enjoyed, ‘sudden’ sneeze, ‘drawn-out’ sneezes, ‘loud and proud’ and quiet sneezes and for sneezing oneself versus watching other people sneeze.

Any aspect of human sexuality is interesting and complex which brings light that human sexuality is far more diverse than what we think.


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