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Friends Under Covers – FUC ,began when a group of college-age couples and single women realized there had to be more to life and sex in LA than clubs and bars. So they gave themselves a unique mission: Find one new, fun way to explore sex every week and report back to the group. Pretty soon their simple list of things to do in LA when you’re young and sexy was over 20 pages long and their group was beginning to grow. Everyone it seemed wanted an alternative or an adventure. Couples who wanted to spice up their sex lives wanted to join and girls who were tired of the meat-market atmosphere in the regular “club” scene wanted to join too. So they did the only thing any decent set of college kids would do; they started flying their college campuses. And thus Friends Under Covers was born…



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Sexuality is one of our most basic drives, but it's also fundamental to our identities as people. Writing interesting pieces about sex, the lifestyle and the different aspects of human sexuality is a challenge that we will endeavor to take .

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