Humorous Look At Dick Pics


Humorous Look At Dick Pics

We all have a different take on what sexy is and what will turn us on. Some women don’t mind and even appreciate a dick pic. There is an advantage to receive a dick pic, especially if you are going to meet one day and the lady has a very particular taste on how penis should look like.

Good news is that what makes for a good-looking penis varies from person to person, there is so much more than its size. According to a recent study, a good-looking penis has at least eight other important aspects aside from its size to be deemed good-looking.  It’s no surprise that some women want no surprises and on the flip side there is no way of disappointing a lady, especially if she likes to be surprised.

Other women find this slightly distasteful or prefer to leave something to the imagination. There is no right or wrong, just a matter of preference.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sending a pic of your private member. As long as you have established that there’s interest in receiving a pic of your bits. It does pay to politely ask first.

BuzzFeed has created a video that shows what guys think will happen when they send a dick pic and what really happens, especially when such a move is made without any warning.

Expectation versus reality humour always works.


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