Party Exit Strategies


Party Exit Strategies

You have been invited to a private swingers party. You are thrilled and feel privileged. This is the first time you are going and never met the hosts.

Sometimes swingers parties are a bit of a hit and miss, some live up to your expectations and some don’t. Remember there are many kinds of swingers, and your ideal isn’t the same as someone else’s.

Then, what happens in case that you end up feeling uncomfortable and you feel you just can’t get your mind into the same space as everybody at the party. It could be that you aren’t getting the right vibes from the people at the party, or the party is not cracked up to be what you thought it’d be and you want to get out of there pronto.

Don’t panic, it happens to the best of us, and now you need an escape plan. Read on for a few suggestions that will get you out without you looking like a total dud.

#1 Be Honest

This is the most obvious way out; politely tell the host that you aren’t getting in the mood and you are going to head off. Thank your host for the invite and make your leave.

#2  Sick card

You might feel slightly rude just saying you are not getting in the mood and wish to leave. There’s always the sick card, you can say you are not feeling well, could be a tommy bug that has just set in, you’re running a temperature, just think back to high school and use the same zest when you are explaining yourself to the host.

#3 Escape artist

Then there’s the sly, stealth option, creep your way to escape if you are really spooked out and find that your back is against the wall and this is the only possible way out. Have a wonder around the house and find an escape route or just say you forgot something in your car and need to go get it only never returning.

If this sounds like you’re back in high school, it’s because it can turn out to be that way sometimes. This is all part of the fun of becoming a swinger. All these fun and games is what keeps us, swingers, looking young.


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