Open Relationships Core Rules


Open Relationships Core Rules

Are you at the crossing roads of a major relationship makeover?

Have you been talking about how brilliant it would be to enjoy an open relationship? To have the best of both worlds, enjoy a relationship with your wonderful partner but also sleep with other people?

Before you take the plunge,  you should know that open relationships vary greatly in their terms and conditions, each couple has a different take on what is OK and what is pushing the boundaries. These you need to discuss in detail and come to a full understanding what your comfort zones are as a couple.

However, there are some rules that are invariable right across the boarder and everybody should abide. These are the basic rules you need to know to make open relationships work:

Rule 1: Reason to become a swinger couple

Your desire for other people should lie in your desire to expand and spice your sexual life and not because of your lack of fulfilment from each other. Becoming a swinger is not going to resolve your sexual or other issues, it might actually aggravate them. Your relationship needs to be healthy and strong when stepping into an open relationship.

Rule 2: You and your partner are #1

You and your partner always come first. You must always make sure that you are both in the same page, emotionally, physically and mentally. One expresses concern or discomfort everything should come to a stop, you always support each other no matter what.

Rule 3: Set Your boundaries and respect them

Set you boundaries and be very clear on them. It’s a contract between the two of you and it should be respected at all times. These boundaries are always re-negotiable, with more experience and your desire to experiment more you will find that you need to set new boundaries again.

Rule 4: Jealousy

Jealousy is a destructive, negative feeling and if you are the type that gets jealous easily you need to work out a way of dealing with it. However, if despite all your efforts jealousy continues to interfere with your enjoyment then maybe swinging is not for you.

Rule 5: Safety

Be safe and always use protection. Promiscuous sex is great but STI’s are grim.

Rule 6: Don’t mix your friends

Have friends for sex parties and friends for dinner parties. Don’t mix your worlds, otherwise you end up being that creepy couple trying to muck off with your strictly monogamous hosts.

Rule 7: Re-negotiate boundaries

Like any relationship, things evolve with time. Through your years on the lifestyle things change and it is therefore you keep your communication channels open. The boundaries you first started off with might be not suitable at a later stage.


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