Le Bourdoir Club



The club is managed by active members of the libertin community and offers a unique venue for those who want to experience a sexually liberated environment, socialising with likeminded people.

Le Boudoir Club is the private members club, close to the City of London, with 3 floors of decadence to explore.

In fact, Le Boudoir Club may just be the ultimate London venue for the glitterati, sophisticated, and hedonistic to indulge themselves in sexy soirées with the sexual chemistry igniting their deepest fantasies.

With playful themes, luxurious lounges, private and lockable playrooms, an enormous open plan play room and incredibly seductive vaults below ground, housing an array of fetish furniture, Le Boudoir Club delivers style and indulgence without pretentiousness. It creates an atmosphere where passion and desire can be unleashed and leave you breathless

People are often discriminated against on the basis of age, race and sexual preference. Straight, bisexual, lesbian, gay, transgender or a fetish lover, it is irrelevant at Le Boudoir where we welcome hedonistic, sophisticated and sexually liberated adults who love to indulge themselves and want to meet and discuss their interests with similar members. Our only criterion is that you look after yourself; applications from the seriously unkempt may be declined.

All new applicants to the club must register for membership 48 hours in advance of your first visit.

Phone: 07598 805117

Email: info@leboudoir.club



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