Tips On Dogging


Tips On Dogging

Dogging is an umbrella term used to cover all the sexual outdoor activities. This can be anything from putting on a show in your car, to a gangbang on a picnic table. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Dogging involves both exhibitionism and voyeurism. The voyeurs are mainly men and the exhibitionists are the couples or women who love to attract attention and often invite people to join in.

Dogging is predominantly something some couples enjoy, in the open air, countryside and car parks. The Brits seem to have the higher numbers of dogging couples followed by the Australians, Belgians, French and Italians.

If you’re thinking of going dogging for the first time, read these tips below.

These tips are mainly aimed at couples trying dogging for the first time. The tips are split into three sections, before, during and after the meet.

If you’re a single male, the single most important piece of advice is; – be polite, don’t be pushy and only do things you are invited to do. These will increase your chance of being invited by a couple to join in and to have another invitation.

Now for the couples:

Talk about it –
If it’s your first time dogging, then you need to talk about what you’re looking to get out of it. It’s easy for partners to get confused about how far to go. Talk to each other, decide what you’re both comfortable doing, the last thing you want is to overstep your partners boundaries. Start slow and see how you feel, then come back and talk about it. Isn’t half the fun the talk after too?

Be prepared –
It’s helpful if you put together a small washing bag; containing condoms, wet wipes, tissues, deodorant, picnic towel, towel and a change of clothing. These are just a few things, which will make the meet go easier and make you feel good about it.

Advertising –
Dogging can be a bit hit and miss, sometimes you can spend hours at a location and see no action at all. The way round this is to advertise on the dogging forums.  There are many dogging forums around Australia; Perth,Sydney Dogging, and Cum Dogging includes all of Australia. When you advertise, don’t advertise the location you’re going to or what time you’re going. This will result in a mass of single men waiting for you.
All you need to include is the area you wish to meet in and the date of the meet.
Then simply ask people to email or write you a private message about the meet. Once you have the emails and PMs, you’ll be able to choose who you want, and email/PM them the details of the actual location and time.

Ending it –
A simple thank you to all the males that watched or took part in the fun is all that’s needed. Everyone will get the idea and say their goodbyes.

Cleaning up –
A lot of the dogging locations are based around picnic or other public areas. Please make sure that any condoms or used tissues are put in the bin, or taken with you.
Please do not litter, leaving used condoms around is a sure way of getting the area closed at night by the local council and isn’t very nice for normal users of the area.

Leaving –
On heading home, make sure you do not take the direct route, go for a drive around for a little while. Just make sure that nobody has followed you home. You just never know, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Talk -
After it’s done, you’ll be high on the feeling; this is a good time to talk about what just happened. What you liked, what you didn’t, what you want to do next time.
As with all types of swinging, talking is the way to safeguard your relationship, remember that your relationship is far more important than a couple of hour’s fun.

photo credit: flickr: kettcar75

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