Men Fake Orgasms Too


Men Fake Orgasms Too

Faking orgasms is stereotypically considered a pastime of women, an assumption this new video proves to be wrong. Men fake orgasms too.

According to the video ‘one 2010 study found that 25% of male participants admitted to faking an orgasm”

What is wrong with this picture? How do men actually fake an orgasm? For obvious reasons, when a guy doesn’t climax, isn’t it a little bit, well, obvious?

It’s apparently easy if you’re using a condom, you use the right facial expressions accompanied with the right sounds.

Give the blokes a break, it happens. Men are human too, and there are times when the desire is there but the body for some strange reason opts out. Yes, embarrassing, and awkward! Men have no choice but to fake this magical moment.

This is when those acting classes pay off. Men like women find that it is far easier to fake an orgasm rather than explain why it’s not happening.

As it turns out men are pretty considered, going through a lot of trouble not to hurt our feelings. Or is it their manhood they protecting?

How do they do it? Watch Buzzfeed new video on How Do Guys Fake Orgasms?



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