Modern Dating Terms You Need to Know


Modern Dating Terms You Need to Know

With the proliferation of technology and the common use of mobile phones, the modern dating landscape has changed by leaps and bounds. Modern dating has acquired new terms like ‘selfie’ and ‘sexting’ and much more. Here are some of the modern dating terms yo need to know today.

1. Stealthing

In its simplest definition ‘stealthing‘ is the act of removing a condom during sex – despite having agreed to wear one. Or deliberately damaging a condom during intercourse and not telling the person you’re having sex with.
Why are we talking about it?
 Alexandra Brodsky, in a recent study, argues that the act of ‘stealthing’ is a form of sexual assault and should be treated as such. It is essentially a violation of consent and equated to rape. Therefore, by removing the condom the consent is removed.

2. Phubbing

Phubbing is the act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention. Aside from being rude and inconsiderate, it also leads to greater relationship dissatisfaction. Ignoring your partner in favour of your phone damage your relationship.

Professors James Roberts and Meredith David, at Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business, released a study in Jan 2016 that showed: The more a partner was on the receiving end of phubbing, the more smartphone use was a source of conflict in their relationship. And higher levels of smartphone conflicts led to greater relationship dissatisfaction.

3. Ghosting

Ghosting is an expression used in dating terms and it’s when someone suddenly cuts all ties and communication with the person they’ve been seeing. It’s done in hope that the person being ignored will just ‘get the hint’ and realise their partner is not interested in dating anymore. It’s often explained as being better for the person being ghosted because it won’t their feeling. People often find this behaviour is related to a person’s maturity and communication skills.

4. Gaslighting

You’ve probably heard the term floating around  — but what is gaslighting, really? It’s a relationship manipulation, a form of psychological abuse. If your partner is making you feel crazy — and accusing you of being too sensitive, making you doubt your memory. Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse and causes a victim to question their own feelings, instincts, and sanity, which gives the abusive partner a lot of power.

Even if a gaslighter is not aware of their manipulative behaviour, that does not make it acceptable — it is still pathological, and it is still their responsibility.

5. Breezing

Breezing is the new term in dating where you throw away the mind games and just being real. It’s about not caring about the ‘rules’ of dating, it’s about being yourself, saying what you mean and mean what you say without worrying about the ‘should’.

6. Cushioning

It’s when you’re in a relationship but have a few “cushions” around — people you’re flirting with — so if your relationship finishes, you have some “cushions” ready to soften your breakup. It’s almost like a safety-net policy.

7. Breadcrumbing

Breadcrumbing is the hot new dating term. refers to ‘when a guy or girl gives someone just enough attention to keep their hope of a relationship alive’ (as in the Urban Dictionary).

8. EUM

EMU  is an acronym for ‘ an emotionally unavailable man (it can also apply to females). These people might already be in a relationship, are recently separated or divorced.

9. Textlationship

Some people may never verge beyond the texting stage of a relationship or meet in real life. It’s a screen relationship.

7. Designer Relationships

“Designer Relationships”  was coined by Kenneth Haslam. In a designer relationship, you are the designer, along with your partner or partners, and it’s up to you to create a relationship that works and to redesign it when and if appropriate.

The authors of Designer Relationships Patricia Johnson and Mark A. Michaels, clarify that they are not advocating non-monogamous relationships for all, but rather are encouraging we discover what works for us as individuals.

To wrap things up, leave you to watch this video below by explanations gives you some history, some terminology, and one muddy anecdote to inspire your curiosity, on the dating:

Are you aware of any new ones? Please share with the rest of us in the comments below.


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