Sexy Steamy Summer Bucketlist


Sexy Steamy Summer Bucketlist

Ah, summer sex. There’s just something so, well, hot about doing it while the sun.  If you’re single, then there’s the thrill of who your next fling might be; if you’re taken, the relaxed vibe will send libidos soaring and taking you back when you first met.

Summer time, a time for backyard BBQs, afternoon at the beach, long and slow sailing down the river, and or weekends spent camping. What do all of these things have in common? They are all done outside. Add a little warm weather and your sexiest summer outfit and you might get to think about getting done outside yourself. Being out in the sun is like a buffet for the senses.

So if you’re going to be having lots of sex, how do you stop it from becoming same-same?

Here are three ideas to get you started…Enter the steamy summer sex bucketlist.  The rest is up to you!

Dress sexy

Summer offers freedom to be carefree and more extrovert with a bigger flare for the risqué. Dare to become bolder and why not wear a semi-sheer shirt, a very short skirt or pair of shorts. At the beach you’ll sport the tiny bikini. Or whisper to your partner you’re going commando. Every moment through summer and your choice of clothes should spell readiness for sex.

Sex on a boat

There’s the esky stocked with champagne, the hot breeze, the aroma of salt water – and the fact there’s not really much else to do! Wait until you’re securely moored before things get hot and heavy, not worth the risk of a rock collision.

Doing it in the pool or spa

Why is the water-plus-sex combo so appealing? The fact there’s nothing more refreshing when you feel hot and sweaty? Two sexy, randy, wet bodies rubbing together. From heating it up in a hot tub, to sexy pool time, to a secluded stretch on the beach, no matter what you do, everyone seems to agree: Getting wet is sexy. However, use lots of lube! Water washes away your body’s natural lube, so pack the silicone-based stuff.

Stranger/ Foreign affairs

Sex with a random stranger is definitely hot. Sex with a random stranger with an accent, wow! This is a must do in everyone’s bucketlist. The best part? No strings, and no messy breakup – just a pleasant parting of ways based on mutual understanding.

What is a summer holiday without a fling? If you always fantasised about having a hot fling with a stranger, either go out to a club or swingers party. Or with a little imagination get your partner to role play it, and set a rendezvous at a nice hotel bar and pick him up.

There is lots of ways to enjoy summer, but don’t wait, take action now. Before you know it is back to winter and you’d be wishing you tick some of these off.


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