How To Properly Finger A Woman


How To Properly Finger A Woman

Simple Pickup are at it again, but this time they are reaching out to all the dudes in the world to learn how to properly finger a woman. They did some research on what women want when they are being fingered – a valid research.

But wait, the biggest reason they went ahead with the research is because they found out that there are so many women who can’t orgasm from intercourse alone and these guys want to help other guys figure out how to make women come.

How do they go about it?

They use fruit to show how it’s done. This is probably the dirtiest video on the Internet yet it doesn’t involve any nudity.

What did they discover? Following are a few tips to make fingering pleasurable:

  1. Trim your fingernails
  2. Ensure she is wet
  3. Work the Clit
  4. Use soft motions

Best is that you watch  Simple Pickup’s video on everything there is about how to finger your lady to orgasm.



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