Scientists Discovered Rare Orgasmic Mushroom


Scientists Discovered Rare Orgasmic Mushroom

Scientists discovered a rare orgasmic mushroom in Hawaii. Why is this mushroom so special? Apparently the bright orange mushroom has the power to make women have orgasms just by smelling it.

Everyone knows certain mushrooms have “magic” properties. However, this King of mushrooms, yet to be named, leads to female orgasm. The world is full of rumoured aphrodisiacs, but according to IFLS , the unnamed mushroom is the real deal. Is this the Holy Grail of aphrodisiacs? A scent so potent that a few whiffs can send a woman into a body shaking ecstasy?

Oh, one can only dream….

Sadly, this extremely rare mushrooms grows only in the volcanic lava flows that are between 600 and 1,000 years old. After almost 14 years, another very rare orgasmic mushroom was found once again. John Halliday and Noah Soule officially had found one in 2001 and reported on the effects of this  mushroom on female candidates. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have it reproduce in a capsule?

Sadly, for the male population the mushroom’s ‘magic power’ only works on women. Men who sniffed the mushrooms, however, said they smelled absolutely awful and didn’t experience any of the aphrodisiacal effects women did.

Hold on there! Don’t get too excited, as you more likely never get your hands or nose on the mushrooms considering the extreme conditions it needs to grow.



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