Sexual Liberation Is No Walk In The Park


Sexual Liberation Is No Walk In The Park

Sex, a pleasure we all seek but an act that still leaves us confused and it’s not as straight forward as we’d like it to be.

We believe that we have reached the age of sexual freedom. We pride ourselves on living in a sexually liberated age. In fact, we haven’t yet, not until we do away with this unbudging fact; we still remain greatly conflicted, ashamed and embarrassed about sex and simply stuck to archaic notions of sex and the sexes. Sex,  and love still to this day, seem to live in unparalleled worlds.

At present we are still bound by a lot of cultural/ social and religious beliefs that undermine our sexual liberation. We still have not evolved past such black and white thinking.

Presently, we still cling on to the Madonna-whore split; its very presence is a symptom of sexual slavery not liberation.

A vast majority of man still maintain that they would not be interested in a relationship with a woman who ‘gave it up on the first night’. A modern woman might be sexually liberated, however, how can she truly be if this idea is still pervasive among men?

Men need to evolve away from these narrow views and women need the courage to fight this constricting view of their sexuality. A woman can be sexual and also desire a meaningful relationship. She might be a sex-obsessed vixen, but also a hopeless romantic.

Like a man, a woman can have a career, desire romance, be nurturing, be kinky, sleep with anyone right away and still be the kind of woman you want to settle with.

Gentlemen you can have a woman, who can be both a Madonna on the streets and a Whore in the sheets – stop labelling a woman who lets her desires lead her to a one night stand.

Women shouldn’t have to reel in their sexuality, and neither should you want it as it only leads to dishonesty and lies. Why do we have to live in a world of double standards? Where men are defined as stallions and women as whores if they follow their sexual impulses. Do you really want to share a life with a woman who never allows herself to truly and honestly express her sexuality? Worse yet, become sexually repressed and unhappy?

Anyone, whether you are a man or a woman, should be judged by more than their sexuality. Humans are multidimensional creatures, social, spiritual, intellectual and yes sexual beings. To judge anyone based on only one facet of themselves is to say the least, unfair and unrealistic.

These archaic perceptions will inevitably lead to relationships that are dishonest from the onset. Since women feel they have to comply to be accepted and enter a meaningful relationship. To free yourself from these, as many open relationship couples experience, is to come to know your partner whole and true, it’s to not hold back.

Wouldn’t be nice to be with someone who you can talk about and share your deepest desires and fantasies without fearing being judged,or causing panic and fear? True happiness is attained when we feel we can be whom we really are.

Drop these archaic preconceptions and see things as they truly are and only then can we claim that we have reached sexual liberation.

This video by The School of Life has an interesting approach to what sexual liberation real is.


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