Can Your Diet Lead To A Better Sex Life?


Can Your Diet Lead To A Better Sex Life?

The topic of sex and food is one filled with exaggerations and myth. For thousands of years, people have searched for edible items to guarantee peak sexual performance and pleasure. Ancient Romans swore by hippo horns, while even now, tiger penis is thought to be a libido booster in China.

Luckily for you and me, and especially the hippos and the tigers, there are healthier and more palatable edibles that give you longer-lasting results than these insane quick-fix aphrodisiacs.

Best of all you can easily find these foods in your pantry and not in some African Savannah, foods that really can lead to a better sex life. Your choice of food can put some sizzle – or fizzle – in your sex life. For those who indulge in food fetish, food takes a different context, it is sexually arousing.

Fuelling your body with healthy, nutritious foods will place you on the path to great sex. Likewise, regularly indulging in unhealthy foods can impact your sex life in a negative way. Poor eating habits and unwanted weight gain can affect self-image and confidence, and excess body fat also interrupts healthy blood flow, which plays a prominent role in the body’s ability to become sexually aroused.

Are then foods proven to improve our sex lives? Yes, there are. Let’s start with the hypothesis that we have the best sex when we are feeling healthy. With this in mind, any healthy food can lead to healthy sex.

Strawberries are sexy, want to hear why? They are rich in antioxidants that benefit the heart and arteries.

Avocados and almonds are full of good fats that are great for circulation. Anything that keeps the heart beating strong helps keep blood flowing to all the right places. For better blood flow, eat foods like granola, chickpeas, cashews, peanuts, walnuts and root vegetables. They’re all rich in L-Arginine, which improves sexual function by boosting circulation, and thus erectile response.

Good circulation is thought to be crucial for sexual functioning in both men and women. A good, strong erection requires good blood circulation, hence, awesome sex.

Chocolate has been described as the food of Gods. An Italian study, from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, shows that women who eat chocolate daily have higher libido and more satisfying sex than those who don’t. Strawberries dipped in melted dark chocolate anyone?

One wouldn’t normally think of salads as a sexy food. Those who eat them regularly, four times a week or more, report better sex lives than those who don’t. Some common salad ingredients include sex- enhancing chemical as well. Arugula absorbs toxins that negatively impact our ability to respond to stimuli. Ditto figs and citrus fruits are also great for the heart. Of course, a strong heart is a must-have for active, confident, fulfilling sex.

A recent study has found that two cups of coffee a day can decrease a healthy man’s risk of erectile dysfunction. According to a recent study, coffee may perk you up in more ways than one. Additionally, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee released a report this year stating that coffee consumption is associated with a reduced risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease. The authors of the study believe that coffee and caffeine may help muscle tissue in the penis relax, allowing more blood flow to the area.

Oysters, ah, the rumoured aphrodisiac! Oysters are an acquired taste, no doubt, but for some, this seafood provides a zinc boost, which ultimately leads to longer, stronger sex. And watching your woman shuck might get you more excited than you think. Just make sure she’s fond of them first.

Are there bad sex Foods?

There are quite a few foods that negatively impact our sex lives. Alcohol is an example and is the worst culprit. Sure a drink or two over the course of an evening might relax inhibitions and increase confidence. However, boozing it up before sex can lead to erectile dysfunction in males, and inability to achieve orgasm in females.

Overeating before the act is also a sure way to dampen your desire as it can lead to tiredness, lack of enthusiasm and a dampening of desire. Rule of thumb, if you’re making plans for some romping then consider eating moderately.

Making better dietary and fitness choices may lead to better bedroom antics, and better health overall, a win, win situation. So now that your diet is optimized for more O’s, what do you do with this newfound fitness? enjoy it of course!


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