The Funny Things Swingers Say


The Funny Things Swingers Say

Hilarious little take on the swingers dialogue. If you are a swinger, while watching this funny piece by couplesdoingit , you will say; ‘OMG, we have said some of the same things ourselves.’
This video is right in the depiction of what gets said between a swingers couple. Might seem odd for some but if you are in a open relationship you know this to be very true.
A little hilarious glimpse at the language and manner in which lifestylers communicate. LIfe’s too short not to laugh and have fun, this is one of the reasons why swingers and swinging is appealing. Swingers have the ability to laugh at themselves and to embrace change and challenge with a sense of humour.
Great laugh at the truthful depiction of a day in a swinger’s life and ‘The Shit Swingers say’.

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