Conan O’Brien Gets Disciplined


Conan O’Brien Gets Disciplined

Watch as Comedian Conan O’Brien gets disciplined by German Dominatrix –  Lady Velvet Steel in this hilarious video below.

In an intense meeting with a professional dominatrix, who is well-skilled in the sadomasochistic arts, Conan sets himself for more than he bargained. Conan wanted to learn more about the BDSM art and his nipples are living proof that things can get quite serious at times.

Despite BDSM secretly being a subject of interest for many people, there are only a few that step outside their comfort zone to explore it. The Thinkerbells, like Conan O’Brien, went to explore and learn all about BDSM  in a candid interview with with Lani and Mark De Viate. BDSM is fun and you might want to bring BDSM into your bedroom.

His session starts off with his dominatrix asking him to take off his top, to which he responds with a twist of humour, but Lady Velvet Steel didn’t take any of it:

“For a guy in his mid-30s, I have a pretty good body,” he tries to tell Lady Velvet Steel after taking off his shirt. “Mid-30s? Yah,” she replies sarcastically. “We do role play here and fantasy is a big part.”

Conan gets lecture o his posture and he experiences nipple clamps and from his reaction is not something he’ll try again.

Things take a turn for the worse when he breaks a harness and tries to blame it on defective equipment but Lady Steel doesn’t hear any of it and devices just punishment.

As punishment, Lady Velvet Steel spanks him and then asks him to wear a dog mask – he does make a good, obedient dog….

In this brief encounter with Lady  Velvet Steel Conan does experience spanking, learns how to role-play a dog, nipple clamps and obedience.

Click on the clip below and watch it for yourself:



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