The truth about orgasms


The truth about orgasms

Playboy has come up with a compilation on the truths about orgasms. They are the experts on all things sexual and sensual. Sex and orgasms is not a topic they shy away from. We all should get talking more about masturbation, sex, and orgasms.

Playboy has a liberated stance in sex and they are willing to explore everything to do with sex and sexuality. Find out this and more in this episode of The Truth About Orgasms.

You’d never think that sperm could travel faster then the fastest man in the world, but it does happen.

So we are all ears and willing to learn, after all sex is fun and we should learn all we can to make sex better and greater in our lives. Orgasms feel good and science has also proven that they are good for you health.

video credit: Playboy


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