Tips On How To Exit Swinging Awkward Moments


Tips On How To Exit Swinging Awkward Moments

Ideally everything plays out according to your plan on your night out at the swingers club. But like anything in life, swinging throws at you some awkward situations. What do you do when you are in a situation less than ideal.

Say you were taken by this charming couple who are hitting the right strings. You are feeling all hot and bothered and you decide to join them in a private room. So far, so good. Things start well, you are all smiles and you’re having a great time. Then things take a turn for, well, the awkward!! You never saw this coming and you need to think quickly to make a dignified exit without looking like two scared puppies.

There are many examples one could list here, but say the couple you hooked up with are into something you haven’t yet discussed and they very much wanting to try it. You may have been OK or even excited with the thought of doing this new sexual act. But for some reason, the reality of it gave you a totally different perspective and you’re not going for it, not now, not tonight.

You’re picturing yourself bolting for the bedroom door, but you know that is not the right thing to do. So how do you get out of this sticky situation?

Take one for the team, right? Not the best of plan of exit. If this repeats itself often, eventually one of you will not see swinging as equally beneficial.

What do you do when you are in a situation less than ideal and how do you get out of this sticky situation? Simple, excuse yourself. Say, we’re tired or thirsty and need a drink break.

Yes, not everything plays out like we’d like it to in a swinging situation. Sometimes things go wrong, but not very often. On the rare occasions that it does, there are a some strategies that you can put in place which will save you from any unexpected situation.

Here is a list of a few effective ‘exit’ strategies if and when you might need them.

Introduce a stop word

Sometimes needing to put a stop to things requires some courage and some of us are too polite to even try. So agree on a stop word. Find a word or sentence you can use in a situation that gives your partner the hint that you are not having a good time and it’s time to leave. A few examples of “stop words” could be; “Toilet Break”, “I am too drunk”, “Stuffy”, “Water break” and so on.

Stay alert to your partner’s cues

Nobody knows your partner better than you, and sometimes a look is enough to tell you they aren’t exactly enjoying themselves. In the midst of excitement it’s easy to forget to keep in touch with our partners. So don’t forget to touch base with your partner every now and then to make sure they are doing ok as well. Little things like ‘you’re ok?’, ‘want me to come over?’ ‘ Want a little break?’

Be vocal

Whoever you meet up with doesn’t know you well enough to what you do and don’t enjoy about sex. Don’t be afraid to speak up when things are happening that you don’t like, or to communicate what you like. Everyone is different and what is pleasurable to some might not be for you. So if it feels good say it. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

Know what you want

Knowing what you want ensures that you are confident players. To react hesitantly to a suggestion might send the wrong vibes to the couple you want to play with. If and it does happen you weren’t quite prepared just say you haven’t considered it but are open to discuss it. Or will consider it when you had a chance to discuss it together.

Don’t leave your sense of humour at home

If a situation does become awkward the best medicine is laughter. Swingers are only people who are looking to have exciting and happy experiences. Sometimes in the midst of excitement they forget themselves and they never intended to make you feel uncomfortable or over step your boundaries. So take a moment and think of something funny to say. Maybe ask for a stop by saying you’d like to share a joke.

What makes swinging exciting is the notion of not knowing what will happen next. With that comes some surprises that you will cherish and others that you will challenge you. All in all, good and awkward experiences will teach you to be better at dealing with people and challenging situations.Equipped with a great sense of humour will make these awkward situations great stories to share with your swinger friends.

These awkward moments should not serve as a deterrent, go out there live and don’t be afraid of the little hiccups that occasionally crop up. Swinging is an experience that has the potential to strength the bond in your relationship. Also as you gain more experience in the swinging lifestyle you will have your own set of strategies that work.

Do you want to share your ‘exit’ strategies with us?


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