Walk Of Shame No More


Walk Of Shame No More

Amber Rose in this new video by Funny or Die, rewrites the rules of one-night stand, walk of shame and slut shaming. She shows what it looks like when a woman takes pride in her stride.

We live in a culture of slut-shaming and the walk of shame, with this video Ms. Rose hits the nail in the head with use of humour. Amber Rose is attempting to destroy and re-write this culture. The notion that women should make their way home in embarrassment after a one-night stand may be something of the past. Now that Ms. Rose video has gone out for everyone to see and hopefully educate people on female sexuality.

Our favourite part of the segment entitle “Walk Of No Shame”, is an elderly woman playing chess on a park table nearby who says, “Nothing I haven’t done before. In my day, I was no stranger to the walk of shame.”

Good on you Ms. Rose for spreading the message to women and men alike, that your body is yours alone and sex is a celebrations of your body.

There has been always a lot of shaming about sexuality, especially women’s sexuality. Women have a say to how they like to use their bodies free of judgement or at least have the same freedom men afford when it comes to their sexuality.


photo credit: Funny or Die

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