Want To Try Sex On A Plane – This Might Work


Want To Try Sex On A Plane – This Might Work

Admit it, we have all been tempted or at least thought about it. Who doesn’t want to join the mile high club?

There are many, many more comfortable places to have sex, you right! But joining the ‘mile high club’ is about risk and novelty, not comfort or convenience. Plus it’s a pretty fun way to pass the time on a long flight, just make sure you don’t get caught. How do you get away without being caught then? Like all great life challenges, one must boldly overcome fear, systematically calculate risk and hope for a little luck.

If you are brave enough to slip into the toilet for a sneaky frolic this is how you should do it. Watch this couple in the video below formulate the perfect plan to achieve that goal. As they get hard at work, they get what they want, and the outcome is hilarious.

It’s actually not a bad plan as they get the whole plane to sympathise and they get their little romp at the expense of others gullibility. This coupe will no doubt leave you with a new appreciation for airline travel.

This great sketch is from YouTube celebrity Jimmy Tatro. This might just work…

Obviously sex in a plane is (technically) illegal, so we advice you take great precaution and don’t be caught. Maybe also have a great story to explain why you both went in the bathroom together case they ask.

If you really have a burning desire to have sex on a plane, don’t want to stress about being caught, maybe consider joining the mile high club.


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