14 Wildest Sex News Of 2016


14 Wildest Sex News Of 2016

2016 has been a year that brought around more than we could bite. It was an interesting year, several beloved celebrities died;  Brexit threw the EU into turmoil, brought us the obsession with Pokémon and you know the rest.

When it comes to sex news, it’s another story, with 2016 boasting a bonanza of sexual highlights. We’ve seen our attitudes shift, we’ve adopted new technologies, discovered new kinks and we publicly celebrate body positivity more than ever before.

With the year coming to a close, it’s only right to reflect on some of the most interesting sex news we’ve seen.

Here is a list of 14 wildest sex news of 2016:

1. A Writer Had Sex With Her Husband Every Day For A Year

Imagine if you decided to have sex every day in 2017 with your partner. What do you think would change? How would you and your relationship change for example? Last, could you even have sex everyday for starters? That’s what Brittany Gibbons, a blogger, set out to discover when she and her husband committed to having sex every day.

2. Iskra Lawrence Helped Body Positivity Go Mainstream

English model and activist Iskra Lawrence stripped down on a busy subway, as seen in the vid below, to prove a simple point: every human body is beautiful. In her own words: “Every single one of us has so much value and so much worth that is so much more than just skin.” Body positivity trended throughout 2016 and will surely be a continued conversation in 2017.

3. PETA Made a Super Bowl Ad That Was Too Steamy For TV

The activists from People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals made a Super Bowl commercial, that was deemed “too hot for television.”  They say vegans have better sex drive than meat eaters. Big statement but it comes to show that sex sells.

4. Some Dancing Genitals Explained Consent

Consent is often misunderstood, which is why the nonprofit Project Consent made an animated PSA to explain consent to America and the world in a series of small animated videos. They feature disembodied genitals and hands doing the dance of yes and no. Strange but it conveys its message well and that’s what’s important.

5. A Dude With a Bionic Penis Lost His Virginity

Due to a tragic childhood accident that mangled his penis, Mohammed Abad was still a virgin at 43 years old. But thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, doctors were able to create and give Abad a bionic penis. After hearing his tragic story, dominatrix Charlotte Rose offered to help Abad lose his virginity – this has to be the best story of 2016.  Most recently, Bionic penis man inundated with sex requests.

6. Science Confirmed that Couples Who Listen To Music Together Have More Sex

Each year there are a ton of studies dedicated to sex. One of the studies this year reported that couples who listen to music together enjoy far more pleasurable sex lives. So get working on a good playlist to  seduce your partner.

7. Rise of the Sexbots

In 2016, pleasure robots made plenty of headlines. Whether it’s Scalett Johansson-lookalike sexbot, or Angelina Jolie-lookalike Lara Croft sexbot. It appears that  sexbots are going to be as common as microwaves and washing machine in the near future. Guess, we’ll have to wait till next year and see.

8. Science Determined That Morning Sex is Good For You

This year, we learned too many people are missing out on the magic of morning sex. Not only does it chill your mood for the day, it also floods your brain with feel-good chemicals and performance-boosters. Plus, soft morning light is flattering; and since men are visual creatures, light can make men perform better.

9. Cunnilingus Was Determined to Be Good For a Man’s Health

To be an expert cunnilingus will have women flood in and ensure your partner is satisfied. That’s not all the benefits, according to research, your vagina is full of the same probiotic bacteria that is packed into every health-conscious product from yogurt. And it’s just as good for you. So a mouthful of pussy is really good for you.

10. Polyamory and Open Relationships Got Trendy

Consensual non-monogamy is also on the rise among single people too. The next question to ask: What does it mean for society if open relationships are the new normal?

11. Rough Sex Became Good For Your Brain

According to the latest research, BDSM offers a ton of benefits for you brain. Kink is not only fun, sexy and thrilling, but it also lowers stress, increases arousal and can induce what scientists and athletes like to call “flow state.” For more on how to bring BDSM  into your bedroom read the article right here.

12. Science Concluded That It’s Better For Women to Have Big Butts

Leading researchers at Oxford University published a paper that determined it’s not only healthy, but naturally-advantageous for a woman to have a big butt. Looks like the big booty trend is taking off for a very good reason.

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13. Fergie Released Her M.I.L.F. $ Video

The Black Eyed Peas vocalist came back this year with a roar, releasing a super-sexy video for “M.I.L.F. $” It features her and a parade of seductive moms like Chrissy Teigen and Ciara showing off their M.I.L.F shake. But the real show-stopper is when Fergie and Kim Kardashian pour milk on themselves. Don’t ever say moms aren’t sexy

14. Hef Let Go of the Mansion

This year, Hef sold the Mansion for $100 million dollars to his neighbor, who agreed that Hef can continue to live there and enjoy all the parties he’s famous for hosting at his home.

Which of these strange and sexy stories was your favourite?


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