4 Tips To Make A Cuckold Relationship Work


4 Tips To Make A Cuckold Relationship Work

A cuckold relationship can be tricky to navigate and it isn’t for everyone. There are a few challenges that come with embarking into cuckolding but for the right couple these obstacles can be overcome fairly easily.

A cuckold relationship involves one partner, usually the male partner, watching or knowing about his partner having a sexual relationship outside the partnership. Trust, loyalty and intimacy are the underlying fabric to a successful cuckold relationship. Although a cuckold relationship seems difficult, it can in a secure, trusting and loyal relationship strengthen the bond between the couple.

These four tips can help you make the most of your cuckold relationship.

1. Discuss whether this is a fantasy for you

Cuckold relationships are successful when it develops from a trusting, secure, and loyal relationship. Watching or knowing about his partner’s sexual adventures will often sexually arouse the male. There needs to be a level of trust and loyalty to start with in a cuckold relationship. This is a fantasy that can’t be pursuit by a relationship that has trust and loyalty issues, it would inevitably lead to aggravating the existing issues and most likely lead to a breakup.

Any couple contemplating cuckolding, need to discuss whether this is a fantasy is right for them based on numerous factors; levels of trust, loyalty, how long they have been together, and the state of their sexual life.

2. Be loyal

A couple involved in cuckolding will need to remain loyal to each other; this is not an opportunity to search for better prospects out there. This is a sexual fantasy to enhance and strengthen the couple’s relationship. Cuckolding will be successful when both partners understand, or agree prior to starting this fantasy that this is strictly sexual and that there is no emotional attachment.

3. Fun is the name of the game

After going down this lane and you have discussed the detail of your fantasy and boundaries, there should be no feelings of jealousy or guilt, only feelings of fun and great memories.

4. Safety first

Since it’s often the female of the couple that goes out to meet the third party there should be steps taken to ensure her safety. She needs to be absolutely comfortable with her new sexual partner. As a couple you need to make sure you chose a person you can trust. It is also important that all three members discuss what they want to get out of this fantasy and that each understands that each others boundaries. Moving these hurdles out of the way will make for a better and enjoyable night.

Before taking part in cuckoldry, both partners need to sit down and have a open and frank discussion about what they each hope to get out of this fantasy. They need to express their concerns and their expectations and discuss boundaries.


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