9 Incredible prediction on the future of sex


9 Incredible prediction on the future of sex

Future of sex report details 9 incredible predictions on the future of sex. Specifically on the impact of technology on human sexuality. In our modern technological world many areas of our lives are being changed by technology, including in how we express our sexuality.

There are five  major fields in the sex tech industry: Robots, Remote Sex, Virtual Sex, Augmentation, and Immersive Entertainment. Some of these tech are already in place today but in a few decades these technologies will quickly alter and seep into our everyday sex lives.

The notion that technology will be a big part of human sexuality might seem far fetched for now but it is a reality that is going to be the norm in the not so far future.

Below is an infographic by FutureofSex.net showing excerpts of their predictions:

9 Incredible prediction on the Future of sex

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