How To Try Swinging Without Ruining Your Relationship


How To Try Swinging Without Ruining Your Relationship

Swinging is in the mind of many couples, but the fear that trying it out might change their relationship for the worse is a valid concern. There are many unfounded lies about swinging in the open but they should not believed. Understandably, one should always be cautious so its not surprising couples worry about what could become of their relationship if they were to jump into swinging. The common concerns are; fear of being left feeling discouraged, angry or jealous or regretting the experience. How can swinging affect your relationship? How do you try swinging without ruining your realtionship?

There is no way of knowing how you are going to feel after you try out swinging, that is true until you try it. Wondering what might and might not happen will not help you other than remaining in a state of constant ‘what if’.

The best approach is to give yourself permission to make those mistakes and err, because it’s those potential mistakes, those things that could backfire so greatly, that wind up being the absolute best things about the lifestyle.

It’s the adventure, the possibilities and the constant surprise that makes the lifestyle appealing, and without mistakes, some regrets and fears what would life be and the lifestyle similarly.

If there are things that you encounter or experience in life as well as in the lifestyle that you did not like or felt uncomfortable with,  just learn from it and never repeat them again. Basic principals we apply in life are very useful in the lifestyle too.

What makes the lifestyle so enjoyable for a lot of couples is that taking risks, brings in the element of the unexpected and it will reinvigorate and allow freedom of expression into their relationship and their sexual lives.

Expect the first time you try swinging to leave you with feelings of jealousy, even conflicting feelings and to a degree leave you in a state of some of semi-confusion. These are all natural feelings that help you find your feet in the lifestyle. You are after all going against the societal and ingrained thinking that have been with you for many years. It is a great force to walk away from and to challenge at times, but in it is then that you learn new things about you and your relationship. Whatever that lesson(s) may be make your decision that best fits you and your relationship, whether it is continuing your exploration in the lifestyle, come back to it at a later stage or never to return. You are your best judge.

If you decide to carry on this new found lifestyle expect this and more, because we are all different in very different, unique relationships and at different levels of learning. Swinging will stretch and force you to grow and learn about your partner, about yourself , about your pleasure senses and your pleasures. Experimenting and pushing boundaries is what maintains and forges a happy life and relationships. It’s only when we stop exploring and experimenting through pushing boundaries that we risk relationship failure.

When you try out swinging, the lifestyle will teach you something new about yourself, about your relationship and about your sexual inclination and appetite. There will be occasions and experiences you will no like and there others you will treasure, but all in all swinging will be however small or extended your participation, a learning journey you take with your partner. Good luck and have fun seeing each other experiencing pleasures and friendships that were until now only a possibility.


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