How to choose Sexy Lingerie For Any Body Shape


How to choose Sexy Lingerie For Any Body Shape

When it comes to women’s bodies, there are many shapes and sizes, that make each woman beautifully and unique. Lingerie is designed to flatter the female figure. A great piece, or set of lingerie, highlights woman’s feminity and makes her feel beautiful, sexy, confident and a true vixen. How do you choose sexy lingerie for any body shape?

Whether you’re planning to wear your new lingerie to an adult party or show it off to that hottie, there’s something sexy out there for your body type. Treat yourself to a silky, lacy or bare-there lingerie to put a sexy spring into your step. What follows is examples of lingerie that flatters certain body shapes. Celebrate what you got and show it off.

Matching set


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As the name suggests, a matching set incorporates matching your bra and panties. This flirty approach to lingerie suits all body types as it draws attention to the body and ensemble as a whole, rather than focusing on one specific feature.

Garter Belt

Also known as a suspender belt, this seductive piece wraps around the waist. It features hanging clips which attach to stockings or knee-high socks. Showcase your sexy legs in a pair of suggestive stockings attached to a garter for the ultimate provocative look. This lingerie is great for hourglass shaped women who want to emphasise their waistline, it also places focus on the legs.


A corset sits below a woman’s chest and extends down to the hips. Enhance your womanly curves with boning that accentuates your waist and pushes up your cleavage for a jaw-dropping effect. There are a few designs around, see which looks better on you.



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Similar to the corset, the bustier accentuates and compliments an hourglass shape. The tight-fitting piece works to push up the bust while shaping the waist to create a sexy hourglass shape. The bustier is great for smaller chested women with an hourglass or rectangle body shape. Enhance your womanly curves with boning that accentuates your waist and pushes your cleavage for an impressive display.


This lingerie is similar to a one-piece swimsuit, the teddy is a playful piece that suits any body type. With cheeky cut-out panels can reveal your irresistibly smooth skin and tempt and tease your bed buddy. It can be made of lace, leather, mesh or other fabrics, cuts and styles. This lingerie flatters any figure, particularly, it looks stunning on inverted-triangle shaped women as it balances wide shoulders and elongates the body.

Body Suits


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This one-piece is a sexy number, also known as bodystocking, generally is lacey and it highly complimentary on women with a rectangle and inverted triangle figures. Gorgeously feminine and thoroughly flirty, this is a great number when you’re feeling bold.

When picking out your lingerie you need to decide what you want to accentuate. Do you want to accentuate your natural shape or balance out your proportions or divert focus to one of your body features? Be playful and have fun with it. You can look sexy in lingerie regardless of your body type. Being aware of your body type is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

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