Dos & Don’ts Hooking Up Abroad


Dos & Don’ts Hooking Up Abroad

You’ve been planning for weeks or even months, saving every hard-earned penny and doing odd jobs. Dreaming of the day that you can go on your holiday. Not any holiday – a dirty, sexy holiday, where you are wanting to hookup with that foreign couple or single with a sexy accent.

A survey conducted by Tripadvisor found that 58% of people admitted to hooking up while on vacation. Maybe it’s the sun, the flowing cocktails and the sun-clad bodies, the free-time that creates an atmosphere of sensual vibes. Mostly, because you deserve the attention and sensual pleasure, you’ve earned it.

Whatever the reason, you are not the only one looking for some sensual experience abroad. Relax and take in some of our tips for hooking up on your next overseas adventures:



You are going to a foreign country, it’s best you do some prior research on where the ‘action’ happens. You can straight out go to a swingers resort or a swingers cruise. If you are a bit more adventurous go to a tourist destination and put your pickup skills to the test. Nightlife areas and the beach are great spots. People who are on a holiday are more receptive to fun than any other time, so your chances are in your favour.

Get outside your comfort zone

Considering you’re in a foreign country, meeting people you are not likely to meet again. Be wild and free, go out of your comfort zone. Be the one who initiates some flirty conversation if you normally wait for someone to come to you. Heck, do something kinky in the bedroom. You definitely want your holiday to be packed with shameful, indiscreet and out of this world memories. Just don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with. NO is pretty much the same in any language.

Be Prepared

Be prepared for pleasure. Bring your fav sex toys, condoms, lube, restraints, whatever you think is going to spice things. up. Don’t forget to pack some sexy dresses and a few sexy swimsuits. This is no time to be shy.


Change your plans

It’s easy to be persuaded to do something else. Stick to your plan and you’ll have no regrets. Being spontaneous and following some stranger into their idea of fun has its dangers. You don’t know your surrounding or the person or couple. Spend as much time with them as you can, but don’t let them collapse the trip you intended on having.

Get Attached

It’s easy to get infatuated but at the end of the holiday, you all have to go home. Your little sexcapade will finish and so will your fling or hookup. Everybody involved will have to come to terms with the bittersweet reality that this was never meant to last.  Relax, have fun and you’ll all have this experience to look back on. Best of all is that there are many more to have.

Be too risky

The whole point of the holiday is to have fun and to break out of your shell, but it doesn’t mean you should break your boundaries and live to regret it. Maybe you can stretch your boundaries but with mutual respect and agreement. It’s okay to loosen up, but be respectful and smart with your decisions.

Holidays are exactly the perfect time to let loose and lose yourselves a little. Make sure, however, that you don’t lose something more in the process.

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