Electric Sex


Electric Sex

Playing with electricity can put a sparkle back in your love life, however safety should always be a priority.

If you are curious about electric sex you need to learn all about how to play safe. Just like any other scene you  need to know some things before you jump into playing with electricity. Word of advice, research everything you can find about the topic before you indulge. If possible, always try to find a mentor in real-life to walk you through what you want to do as added instruction. Try to find a mentor in your local area or via online video conferencing if you’re out of other options.

Here are a few pointers you need to consider and ask  yourself  and your partner before you get started.

1. Do you or your partner have any health issues?

It could lead to fatality if ignored. Talk about any major surgeries or medical issues that would make them different from the “average” or healthy person. Certain medical issues, such as a pacemaker and some heart condition and any metal plates, will make it unsafe or even fatal to use electric sex play.

Also another aspect to consider is possible burns that can arise on sensitive skins, as a precaution have a first aid kit readily available at all times regardless. It is highly unlikely that anything will go wrong but it’s wise to be ready for any situation and have burn supplies on-hand. Make sure you’ve read up on the proper treatment of burns as well.  Better safe than sorry. 

2. Put away smartphones and jewellery .

Any electric devices can be damaged by electricity. Some jewellery, including piercings are conductors of electricity, always ensure you or your partner are not wearing any jewellery before your electric play. Anything made of iron must be removed before play to be on the safe side

3. Safe Word

Always agree on a safe word. You should be able to bring play to a complete stop, whether it’s because what you had in your mind did not play out the same in reality. Or you just feel different about it all today or as the play progressed.

4. Ensure equipment is positioned safely

Ensure you are not near water, are properly grounded and you are familiar with your equipment. Also always start in the lowest voltage and build up from there if agreed. Ensuring then that there is no injury and also that you sensitise to the electric current travelling through you.

5. Start with bigger eletrodes

If you are just getting started it is best you use the larger electrodes as they will provide a softer sensation. This is because the electricity is spread out through a larger area.

Once you have completed your research and feel confident in your new learned knowledge. Have considered worst possible scenario and have a safe plan of action to go to. Have the necessary equipment and are familiar with it. You are now ready to start slowly your new adventure and spark up your sex life.

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