Same Room Play Or Separate Room Play


Same Room Play Or Separate Room Play

Swinging is not as clear-cut as most people would believe. There are some areas that are ‘grey’ and it can lend itself to feelings of frustration, and confusion but with the right perspective it can become clearer. The most important aspect to remember is that we are all different, with different needs, expectations and desires. With this in mind, expect some swingers to take on the lifestyle to be very different to yours and others very similar.

Same Room Play or Separate Room Play are two terms you will hear frequently in the swinging lifestyle and swingers parties.

Some couple prefer one more than the other, for some one may be a big “NO-NO” and for others, either is fine. First let’s look at the meaning of the two terms. They are both pretty self-explanatory.

Same Room Play, simply means that a couple plays together in the same room.

Separate Room Play, means that a couple is fine with their partner going off with others to have sex without them being present.

Of the two situations, the more controversial is the separate room play. There are many couples that have evolved to being perfectly comfortable with their partner going off to play by themselves, but for many swingers this idea seems to defy the whole purpose of swinging. To each their own, as long as they and whoever is involved are happy with this agreement, then there is no harm. If couples are comfortable and trust each other there is really no harm. One has to respect each and every couple’s boundaries, no matter how extreme it might seem in our eyes.

You’ll learn very quickly that the boundaries you started with, change as time passes and as you become more comfortable with each other and the lifestyle.

There are those who would be reticence about swinging in separate rooms because of safety or trust issues. Others question the whole idea of swinging as being one in which couples play together, but maybe this is a bit of a literal perception of what swinging is about. Swinging is, couples exploring their sexual fantasies together but not necessarily in the true sense of physically together all the time. At times exploring and learning about your own sexuality is in allowing your partner the freedom to go off with another partner away from your sight. Other times, exploring dictates that you should be together to further explore your sexuality. There is no right way or wrong way to go about swinging, only the way that feels comfortable to each couple.

What is your take on “Separate Room Play”? Let us know your opinion.


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