Swingers Lifestyle and Monogamish Relationships


Swingers Lifestyle and Monogamish Relationships

Relationships are hard. If you let it, the monotony of life sets in and starts to slowly erode whatever passion there is in a relationship. What is it that you can do as a couple to keep or re-ignite the spark? You may not be ready for the swinging lifestyle but you are looking for a way to add some adventure to your relationship.

Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, sexologist and host of Playboy TV’s hit reality series “Swing”, presents a new way to approach relationships and help break the monotony of traditional monogamous marriages. In her own words, Dr. O’Reilly says- ‘ Marriage can be restrictive in personal growth and even repressive in its demands in its absolute monogamy.’ Words that touch a nerve if you have been married for a while and are at the cross roads of change and you know you need to adjust, to reassess your current state of marriage and contemplate what changes are best for  your marriage. Why not re-ignite your passion by choosing to become a swinger, a polyamorous, or being in a general open relationship? Truth is, it doesn’t suit everyone, it is successful with only 4% to 5 % of relationships. So what about the rest of us?

From this point onwards it might be a good idea to watch this inspiring video below as Dr. O’Rilley explains Monogamish Relationships.

Why be monogamous if you can be “Monogamish.” Learn all about the possible benefits of a “Monogamish Relationship” by watching Dr. Jess in the “Ted Talks” video above. This is a truly great watch, especially if you are at that turning point in your relationship and need to view your choices with as much perspective as possible.


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