Science proves older women are sexy


Science proves older women are sexy

Now science is a field of study that has explained a lot of puzzling notion to us, mere humans. Well, until now, get ready for this ladies, a new study has found that there’s a good chance that your husband finds your mom sexually attractive: Yep, you read it right, alright. Now, don’t they know that not everything we think about in the back, deep corners of our brain should be shared with the good of humanity, including the very twisted fantasies happening in the back of our husband’s minds?

We’ll let it slide this time considering that this study is only reinforcing what we already knew for a long time, but it’s nice to get science to back us up. Science proves older women are sexy and in real life we continue to see examples of this with celebrities  and even your next door neighbour.

The study involved 1,500 married men and found 25 percent of them actually find their mother-in-law sexually attractive. Also two-thirds of men said they would be happy if their wives aged like their mothers, and almost half said they think their mother-in-laws influence their partner’s style.

On a good note this study reveals how older women still got it. It’s sometimes hard for older women to feel sexy, desired and attractive. Well ladies, even though we don’t hear it direct from the horse’s mouth because of social stigmas, science has uncovered  that older women are secretly admired indeed.  A spokesperson  for Peter Hahn, a fashion brand that commissioned the survey, says that the survey shows :”how admired so many mother-in-laws actually are, both for their appearances, style and personality overall.”

We didn’t need science to tell us that older women are sexy creatures and are lusted by younger men, look at the ‘cougar’ rise in our society. We have the likes of J.Lo, Demi Moore, Madonna, Sandra Bullock,Robin Wright, Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, and the list goes on. This is the best compliment science has given older women. Cougar power truly at work here. Ladies, you still got it, but men and generally society have difficulties opening up about it.

Older women are certain sexy and attractive, for their beauty, sexual their freedom, their desire to enjoy themselves and their nonsensical approach to relationships.

Thank you science, older women are sexy.


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