Rules to surviving a sex party.


Rules to surviving a sex party.

No one really tells you that you might have to survive a sex party. Yet, life throws you all kind of surprises, a pleasant one we might add. If you are sexually adventurous the odds are you are going to go to one. You’ll make it your business to find out where there is one for you to have a look. Your imagination and your sexual desire paired up together to make a force that is impossible to fight or resist.

Now you’re left with the question, who do you about the rules to survive a sex party?

It’s just not a conversation you want to have with your parents, maybe someone not as icky to hear it from. If you are lucky to be part of a swingers site with forums where people discuss openly topics that are relevant this then you should profit from it. Otherwise we’re happy to do it for right here. Because sex partying is not as easy as you’d think. Here are the 9 rules you absolutely need in order to survive one:

Rule # 1 Swear location to secrecy

Don’t divulge the location of the party, especially when it is at a private apartment or house. Nobody wants uninvited guests to drop in who have little understanding about the lifestyle. To be subjected to ridicule and embarrassment when the intention was to have fun among like minded people is not the goal. Someone trusted you with the address and you should oblige by keeping it to yourself. These parties are amazing, fun and a learning curve each time you go to one. You meet new people who are fun, friendly, open and learn more about your and other people’s sexuality.

Rule #2 Apply

Prospective party goers must submit an application with photos.You don’t have to be Brad and Angelina, but you should have all your teeth, and a good grasp on personal hygiene and waxing/manscaping. Smell nice, there have been studies done proving that smell impacts how attracted we are to others.

Rule #3 Every step moves toward sex

It might feel like any other swanky cocktail party. Pretty people sipped Champagne or vodka on the rocks, chatting away in groups, while a reel of porn played on the flatscreen somewhere on the background. You’re there to have fun and to see how wild you can get with each other, with others or while watching it all play out!
Yeah,you know, your typical Saturday night…

Rule #4 Leave your inhibitions go, go with it and have fun

Some parties are themed and others ask you to dress sexy. Absorb the atmosphere, and with drink-induced glee party the night away. There will be section-off rooms where sex begins. In these rooms it is expected everyone to be naked.

Pick events/clubs or parties with a specific demographic or large attendance so that you are more likely to get the type of you people you will connect with and have fun.

Rule # 5 Women Run The Show

Every night is ladies’ night. Men cannot suggest sex or approach a woman. Ladies call all the shots. Help the women feel comfortable and things can get pretty wild, pretty quick. Participants can have sex with their partners, swap, or hunker down with a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show. Anything goes, as long as you ask first. Is your hand down your pants? You keep it there with pride!

Rule #6 Don’t over think  it

Let go, don’t think about it, and enjoy the party for what it is: a gathering of like-minded naked people who share the same interests.

Rule #7  Dive in and get involved

While you could spend your time watching, it’s way more fun to get involved. Just grab your partner and lead him into the palyroom, worse thing that cloud happen is you have sex with your partner among other busy bodies while feeling a few strangers hands touching you. This is the place where you can let loose and almost be someone else for a night.

Rule #8 It’s a public affair

Sex parties are very much like having public sex and if you are into this then these parties are great choice. When you’re busy having sex you forget that there are naked people around you. As you focus straddling your partner and the lusty noise around you you drift into enjoyment mode.

Rule #9 Go home

There comes a point where you have seen all the sex you can see for one night. The magic of the evening wears off, and then it’s back to being a regular Joe. When it’s over, it’s polite to say goodbye to people you met (if they are not in the middle of something important) and make your leave.



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